Third - Fifth Grade

Assistant Teacher

Jade Moore

Kimberly Morrow is the office manager. She can be reached at info@wowschools.org or her direct line, 727-656-4117. 

First and Second Grade

​Jamianne Smallze

Middle School/High School

Language Arts

Paula Andersen

​​Meet our teachers

Third - Fifth Grade

Head Teacher

Diane Smallze

Spanish and Music

Patricia Toledo


Mallory Cameron


Middle School/High School

Math and History

Nathanael Pauley

Nathanael Pauley  graduated from Florida Institute of Technology in 2008 with a Bachelors degree in Biological Oceanography. Immediately following his graduation he began working in the Alaskan Bering Sea as a Marine Biologist for the National Marine Fisheries Services. Nathanael worked in Alaska for two years before returning to Florida where he began working as a Wildlife Biologist and Animal Trapping professional. He caught and relocated various animals, from rattlesnakes to wild boar. From there Mr. Pauley took his expertise to the classroom, and he continues to enjoy sharing his experience and knowledge of all things science with his students.


Mateus Pureza

Middle School/High School


Naser Shareef

Middle School/High School

Computer Coding

Alex Tabajdi


​Gail Pauley

Jamianne Smallze is our first and second grade teacher and has worked in child care and education all of her life. She also has an associate degree in Practical Nursing. Jamianne has previously worked in a Montessori school for 13 years and teaching is truly her passion. She not only introduces children to the basics needed to build a strong foundation for a better education, but she instills a love of learning in each and every one of her students. Jamianne enjoys learning new things, traveling to and exploring different places, and sharing those experiences with her students. 

​​Extra Curriculars

Web of Wisdom

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