Following the interests of our students, we weave hands-on activities and experiments into our web of learning, creating a unique experience for your children. 


  • Kayaking, Fishing, and Snorkeling
  • Hiking and Wilderness Survival 
  • Experiencing Florida's Wildlife
  • Environmental Conservation Activities

Jamianne Smallze is also a practical nurse and has been teaching for 13 years. She brings experience in learn more

Nathanael Pauley, B.S.Biological Oceanography, has been teaching for 5 years. He brings specialized experience in learn more

Our goal is simple: To create a  lifetime love of learning, while having the adventure of a lifetime.


Since we started our first Science Exploration Camp in 2011, WOW has been helping students fulfill their potential while having FUN! We do this by following the lead of the children and tailoring our program to meet their interests, keeping our students engaged and learning!

Welcome to WOW!

We now accept Step Up for Students and McKay scholarships!

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"Where Education Meets Adventure"

"The teacher becomes a learner, and the student transforms into a teacher."