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Learning through projects strengthens not only fundamental skills but also practical & social skills such as:

Problem Solving

Attitude towards Learning

Teamwork and Communication

Time Management

Observation and Research

Utilizing High Tech Tools

Leadership and Responsibility

Decision Making

Students will analyze historical evidence and form their own ideas about past events. They will participate in discussions and debates about historical events and understand that interpretations of the past can change based on the evidence that is available. While we will focus on major events that have happened in history, we will also look at the smaller events that occurred to shape those larger, more significant events.

An important part of inquiry based learning is to provide an atmosphere of curiosity and ample opportunities for discussion. Throughout the course of the day, academic conversations are encouraged and the children are taught to respect others and to be accountable for their actions and exchanges with others.

The students are not memorizing facts or waiting for a teacher to provide an answer to them; they are investigating a problem, searching for a solution, brainstorming experiments, and following through with these experiments by using the correct tools to explore the situation. The students will study the scientific method and learn how to collect data and draw upon their resources to discover the answers to their questions.

Geography is the study of the world in which we live. Children will learn where things are located on the Earth, how places are different from one another, and how people interact with the environment. Through teacher directed projects, students will learn about cardinal directions and how to read and use a map, along with other tools used to learn about our world.

Fostering inquiry by  scaffolding curiosity.

     All of our subjects are taught using an Inquiry Based Learning curriculum with Common Core standards. We focus on public speaking skills, technology skills, experiments, and ongoing projects. Our goal is to both instill basic principles of each individual study as well as to reach the potential of your child to discover information independently. We will reach this goal by combining the use of Common Core workbooks with student-driven activities that correspond to the unit or theme.

Although our students are taught to remember the basic principles of mathematics, we also encourage the children to build on the concepts they learn in class by acquiring their own knowledge. It is through teacher directed tasks that involve experimenting and solving problems that children will begin to think like mathematicians.

We teach language arts through projects that promote using descriptive terms, gathering information, and comparing and contrasting through observations from a text or picture. The children will also participate in public speaking, such as a "Book Talk" or unit based speech. 

History and Social Skills

Science and Geography

Math and Language Arts

Our main focus isn't to have students memorize and repeat facts, but to teach students how to find and use information.

Our Collaborative Curriculum

Web of Wisdom

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