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Middle/High School Campus

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Holiday, Florida  34690

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​Students in the​​ Culinary Arts Technical Program work together as an instrutor-led team to prepare lunches served daily to elementary, middle, and high school students and teachers.

All students working in the kitchen have completed safety training and have their food handlers certification.  Through preparing meals and snacks, students master the following skills:

  • Maintaining sanitary conditions in the kitchen
  • Following government regulations and requirements
  • Preparing proteins, fruits and vegetables, grains, etc
  • Using and maintaining kitchen equipment such as ranges, ovens, mixers,etc.
  • Developing and implementing menus for lunches and snacks
  • Managing inventory and rationing portions
  • Pricing menu items based on production cost calculations

Through the Culinary Arts Technical Program, students will learn skills that will be needed for careers such as line cook, prep cook, sous chef, executive chef, food service technician, restaurateur, and more.