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     While traditional schools teach in a linear fashion, with a class dedicated singularly to math, and a separate class for English, and science, etc., we focus on a weblike learning environment where our subjects are interconnected. Learning comes naturally and one curiosity leads to another. Before you know it, a question about insects has led to a lesson and project encompassing math, language, science, geography, and history. The children are excited to find out more information. "Where did this bug come from originally?" "What is the scientific name of this bug?" "Is that Latin, what does it mean?" "That sounds the same as..." "They used this bug for what?! Ewww!" and it goes on and on, because the child is a natural learner and when he is excited, there is no end to the questions he can come up with and the answers he will find.

"My son went to Summer Science Camp with Mr. Pauley and Ms. Jamianne for 3 years and has learned so much from them.  He would come home excited to tell me all about what they did on their field trips, what types of sea life they found, what kind of nets they used, where they went kayaking, etc.  He not only had fun, but was also proud of the knowledge he gained in his days at camp.  He knew all of the names of fish, where they migrated to or from, what kind of environments different sea life has, and so much more.  Mr. Pauley and Ms. Jamianne created a safe, educational and fun environment for my son during the summer for many years and I would highly recommend their camp to anyone. 
I also know Mr. Pauley and Ms. Jamianne from a previous school my son attended.  Mr. Pauley was a teacher in one of his classes and I was impressed with my son's progress in that area.  He really knows how to relate to the kids and teach them in a way that really helps them retain the information.  My son is now a confident, bright Middle School student and Mr. Pauley's influence has definitely helped him.  Both Mr. Pauley and Ms. Jamianne were always helpful and courteous in every way with any interaction I had with them at the school.  My son felt comfortable to go to them if he ever needed anything and that was a comfort for me, also.
Mr. Pauley and Ms. Jamianne were coaches to my son at his previous school and recently in different sports for many years.  They helped him understand how different sports are played and showed him the value of team effort and having a positive attitude.  It has been exciting to see him grow into a fine athlete and I am thankful that he has had Mr. Pauley and Ms. Jamianne to help guide him.  They really have been such a positive influence in my son's life."

-Fady Haddad

     Our students are able to work at their own pace, while having teacher guidance to foster time management skills. There is also the incentive of adventurous expeditions to keep your children on task and working hard.


About Us


     Core curriculum principles are woven into the Inquiry Based lessons we facilitate, lessons that are based on everyday questions about the world around us. Involving the children in controlling the direction of their own studies gives them a sense of pride and creates a desire to keep learning. Within this unique web of education, the children are also able to experience the wonder of the wilderness and wildlife that surrounds them here in Florida through monthly field trips.