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"My daughter started attending the summer Marine Biology camp after she completed 2nd grade.  I was a little nervous about someone else taking her out on the water but Mr. Pauley took extreme care with all the kids to ensure they were safe.  He taught them how to be confident in and around the water.  She learned so much that first summer about marine life and came home exhausted but excited each day.  She would rush to tell me what they did in class or out on their field trips.  The next summer she felt more comfortable with the program and I watched her go from being timid about what she was learning to confident that she knew what was going on.  Mr. Pauley and Ms. Jami gave the kids a love of learning and it was evident in the excitement my daughter showed each day when getting ready for camp.  These teachers know how to keep kids excited and interested.  My daughter’s third year in Marine Biology camp was a little different from the first two years because now SHE was helping the younger kids get excited about the program too.  With activities like kayaking, fishing, seine netting, petting manatees, and swimming what kid (or adult) would not want to go to this camp!  We kept the journal from her first year because I was so impressed with what she had done in a SUMMER CAMP!  I was fortunate enough to go on a kayaking field trip with the kids last summer.  It was amazing how confident the kids were with things like getting the kayaks in the water and maneuvering them around.  The kids were a cohesive group and while they had a blast they were well behaved and respectful of each other and those around them.  Those are the special bonus moments we don’t always get with our kids – watching them be cooperative, caring and knowledgeable young people in the world they will someday take over."
-Mary C Gomez

"My son has attended Mr. Pauley and Ms. Jamianne's Summer Science Camp for the last 3 years.  He truly looked forward to camp every day and was excited to find out the next fun activity or field trip they would be going on.  As a parent, I was happy that my son looked forward to camp every day, but was more impressed with the knowledge and education he was getting at a summer camp. 
It was impressive to walk into their camp and hear the kids talk so informatively about everything they were learning.  They were so proud to show me their "catches of the day" from their field trips and were completely invested in maintaining their aquariums and sea life.  
Mr. Pauley and Ms. Jamianne also ran the sports programs at my son's previous school.  I could see his progress on the field (he played Flag Football, Soccer and Wiffle Ball) each year because of their commitment to teaching the kids with patience and care.  Not only were they taught technique and strategy in each sport, but more importantly, the value of sportsmanship and team playing.  My son is now a successful Middle School athlete and I am so grateful to Mr. Pauley and Ms. Jamianne for helping him become a strong and respectful young man on any playing field.   
I also had the privilege of working at the same school with Mr. Pauley and Ms. Jamianne in the past.  Their love of teaching was obvious and they were highly respected by parents and loved by their students.  They took personal interest in their students and always maintained professional, well organized classrooms.  For the many years I worked with them, I saw two extremely honest, hardworking teachers who came to work every day fully committed to their jobs. 
The positive influence Mr. Pauley and Ms. Jamianne have had in my son's life and many of his friends lives through the years is immeasurable.  I have personal knowledge of many success stories because of their influence and am excited to hear about many more in the years to come!"

-Kimberly Morrow

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